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September 20th report: Beijing time on September 19th and the early morning of 20 cheap soccer cleats, 2012-2013 Champions League group match first run in all 32 games for the end.Real Madrid, both win a reversal,, Bayern, and other strong teams have won.
Milan, Juventus, encounter a draw.In the 16 game, players such as C Luo, have good play, selected the best lineup.The following is the best lineup (4231): Phil Guylas, Tiago - Silva, "Chiellini, Marcello / Carrick, Vidal / ISCOR, Oscar, C Luo / Messi goalkeeper Phil Guylas (Cluj) in 2-0 against Braga, keeper of phenanthrene great tribute to Norggay Lars.
25 years of Portuguese goalkeeper made 10 saves in a single game, will view all shot is shut sb.Single field 10 saves but also the goalkeeper most, Johat 9 saves is quite stunning.The guard from right to left Chiellini, Tiago - Silva, Alex, Marcello Chiellini isn't right back, but the European crown group match right guard showed no special great players, therefore Juventus defender Nicola cameos this location.
Juventus 2-2 draw with Chelsea, Chiellini robust performance to win the British media praise, BBC will also he named the best.Paris Saint-Germain's 4-1 victory over Kiev dynamo, from Milan out of the Tiago - Silva and Ibrahimovic both scored.
Brazil Zhongwei using corner melee scored second goals for Paris, in the defensive end, Silva 4 interception is quite robust.Another name for Zhongwei as the best from Paris Saint-Germain, Brazil veteran Alex is also using the corner kick opportunity volley nets.
Alex Chelsea was deposed Boas, came to the Ancelotti account, and usher in the resurrection.The best left-back Marcello, in Real Madrid's 3-2 win at Manchester City winger Qiang Qiang dialogue, Brazil right wonderful arc ball for Real Madrid scored a crucial goal.
Marcello left the city completely suppressed, both ends of the floor has a wonderful performance.The double waist: Carrick, than United's 1-0 defeat Galatasaray, Carrick scored the only goal, with this, Carrick deserved the title of hero.
Besides the goal, Carrick was successful in all 3 people, there are 1 foot threat pass.Chelsea to a 2-2 draw with Juventus, Vidal scored Juve first ball.The Chilean midfielder in the midfield and show strong dominance, 3 times out of the threat of the ball, 9 steals, 7 successful, 2 extraordinary success, it is still in the injured cases.
Attacking midfielders: ISCOR, Oscar, C, Malaga for the first time in a Champions League victory 3-0 Zenit, 20 years for the open two degrees, become the team's biggest hero.The genius of Spain's 9 individual breakthrough success of the 7, 3 attempts and scored 2 goals.
Chelsea 2-2 draw with Juventus starlet Oscar scored twice nike ctr360 maestri, long-range.Especially the second goal is wonderful.Chelsea 25000000 pounds for the Brazil boy genius, in the Champions League debut will shine.
When he was injured after the departure, Chelsea attacks without too much threat.Real Madrid beat Manchester City 3-2, C's last-gasp victory in ninetieth minutes nike total90 laser.Although Real Madrid first displays in the competition is not the best, but this certainly enough for C Luo add impression.
Ibrahimovic, Podolsky, the striker has good performance, but the critical and popular extent, C, the winner is very valuable.Forwards: Messi Basa 3-2 beat Spartak Moscow, Messi again shine.Barca had to 1-2 behind, when Messi key step forward bravely, a door pushes shoots and rare header help Barcelona win a reversal.